Using Facebook to Teach Young People about Old Dogs.


(Some of the popular faces)

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to older dogs that are too expensive to care for, or the owner couldn’t take care of them anymore. You’ve no need to wonder anymore as there is a place for older dogs called Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary where there are many happy elderly dogs living out the rest of their days in relative comfort. The owners of the sanctuary a group of elderly people themselves make daily use of social media such as Facebook and even Tumblr to show people what their shelter is like. Every day one of the staff will go around taking pictures of either a single dog in one of the cozy spots or they’ll get a group shot often including some of the more memorable faces such as “Leo” a Chow/Husky mix who has been with the sanctuary for a long time, or even “Gracie” an older Golden Retriever who has been at sanctuary even longer


(The gang at their newest residence)

Most of the dogs that live at the Sanctuary aren’t up for adoption sadly, there are a group who are up for adoption that are looking for a “forever home” to live in comfort for the rest of their days with an owner who can dedicate the time to their care while most medical expenses are handled by the sanctuary after the adoption. They usually post follow ups on Facebook for any of their adopted dogs who’ve either passed on or found a forever home to take them in.

Through their avid use of Facebook the sanctuary has gained a massive following of dog lovers with over 1,500,000 likes on their page and each picture gaining likes in the tens of thousands. They use this following to help improve the dog’s living space such as with their recent move which was funded partially with donations from fans. For me it’s like a daily ritual to login on Facebook and see all the new pics of the gang.

By Brandon Carithers

Published by

UNT Eagle Strategies

Class members of the social media class in the Mayborn School of Journalism