Viral Posts and Attention Seeking

By: Oluwaseun Akinwale

Social media has its ups and downs when it comes to the things that go viral. Viral posts are absolutely random and it gets every one talking. In recent years viral posts come about more and more often due to there being so many different social media platforms. There is a few key processes that go into a viral post such as relevance, distractions, likes, comments, and people to people interaction such as views and spreading through messages. The issue is the negative attributes of viral videos, pictures, or articles. The things that normally go viral are usually negative due to people not being able to take their eyes off things that are in a negative light.


In recent weeks a young lady by the name of Danielle Bregoli who was featured on Dr. Phil due to her horrid behavior. Danielle has “ratchet” tendencies and is being praised for being disrespectful to peers, mother, as well as herself. She’s appropriating “ghetto” culture but, is getting interviews, money and several other benefits from it. Just by stating her famous line ” Cash me ousside, how bou dah.” Simply getting her fifteen minutes of fame and opportunities by being a horrible influence. Several other exploited content has been released in recent weeks such as “Salt Bae” a man simply sprinkling salt on a piece of meat very extravagantly. “Hurt Bae” a young lady that was cheated on by her ex-boyfriend meet again and states why he cheated her even though she loved him so much. That sparked conversation which was a interesting factor when it came to today’s society. People have also used social media to publicly shame there children by either beating them on a video and posting it online as well as cutting their child hair in either a elderly man hairstyle or in the shape of the hand because their child simply misbehaved.

Society has it’s interesting time frames in regards to what goes viral. It also has it’s good parts in regards to what goes viral such as Akon helping many parts of Africa have lighting. Also there has been many other posts that have gone viral that have been wonderful. It just seems like social media enjoys the ugly, bad, and horrible parts of viral media more.

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