The New World of Sports Marketing via Social Media

Marketing is essential for any organization to get their brand and name out into the world. We have used multiple strategies to provide the best marketing tool that best represents our company. As the years go by experts find different ways to enhance and reach their audience. As technology progress and advances, the more we marketers are able to engage. As sports have evolved and our social networks have built; social media has become the next new spotlight for sports marketing. Social Media channels including Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube are the highlights for sports media. The ability it gives marketers and social media managers to live-tweet with fan, do giveaways raffles, posting highlight reels and so many other unique strategies that sports team have created to keep up active engagement with their followers has changed the marketing world.


To effectively and successfully enhance your organization’s reach through the social media networks you want to prioritize the right social network for your particular audience. Depending on your franchise one social media network may have a greater activation than another. For instance, Twitter during a football game may be more active and instant engagement with your fans than it would be on Facebook. So you want to make sure you know where your audience is at. Next, you want to create a distinct story and voice. Do not just put feeds in your social network just to print a story. Make sure it has value and meaning. Then, you want to make sure you leverage your players. They are your stars, so make sure to display them and use them to your advantage. Finally, you want to collect and use feedback. You want to know what your audience what to see more of. Get feedback and make sure to apply them. These are all positive strategies to enhance your organization.


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