Insta Food Fad

Written by: Sydney Wilburn

Projected fashion trends in 2017: sleeve slits, khaki and the color yellow.

Hairstyle trends in 2017: blowouts, twisted minimalism and something called “festival lingering.”

Instagram food trends of 2017: Magic.

Popsugar predicts that Instagram foodies will move on from the rainbow-colored everything trend from 2016 and replace it with metallic sprinkles and edible glitter. Some of Huffington Posts’ 2017 Food Trends seem to be created with Instagram in mind;  the increase of serving everything in a bowl instantly makes your meal both more aesthetic on your feed and more exotic to your followers. It seems like the overhead-shot of some crazy culinary concoction on our Instagram feed is the equivalent to the offbeat and sometime downright bizarre clothing we see models wear in Fashion Week. Would the average person pull that out of the closet to wear to school? Probably not. Would the average person choose to go out of their way to turn their sushi into a doughnut-shaped Ista fad? Probably not. But, like the styles of fashion week, we’ll soon start seeing these food trends trickle into our everyday lives in modified forms through social media, especially Instagram.

The newest fad in Instagrammable cuisine– the sushi doughnut.

Popsugar explains that, like other forms of media like home remodeling TV shows or even Fashion Week, many viewers don’t watch to reproduce these products exactly– it’s a form of entertainment, watching a form of artwork created. Some even say that posting your filter-covered meal on Instagram makes it taste better when you finally put the camera down and dig in. This psychological trick, in addition to adding a location to your photo and probably a hashtag or two, has the potential to increase a restaurant’s cool-factor, customer base, and of course, social media engagement. I’ve seen signs posted in restaurants to encourage friends and families to put away their phones during meal times and enjoy each other’s’ company. Coming from a humanistic side, I see the value in this. However, my social media and business-minded side is desperately jumping at this opportunity. Encourage your patrons to post the most creative photo of their meal on their Instagram profile and use the establishment’s personalized hashtag (or even better, tag the establishment themselves in the photo because they should have an Instagram account). Use Instagram’s location-tagging feature to let people know where you are. And, after they’ve hit “Post,” they’ll dig into their (hopefully still warm) meal and– according to science!– enjoy it just a little more because they’ve shared it with their friends.

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