Click It or Ticket

By: Macey Thompson

This is probably going to be a touchy subject to a few peers, but I will do my best not to offend anyone. In my blog today, I will be discussing the pro’s and con’s of how social media affects the view of cops.

Growing up in a household where your dad is the cop can sometimes be difficult, but sometimes rewarding. When I was younger and went on dates or even hang out with friends, I would mention,”My dad is a cop”, then….they would run away. Yes, thinking about it now it’s very humorous, but at the time it wasn’t the best experience. I would question myself why they ran. But it wasn’t until later I truly understood why some cop’s are portrayed in a negative way.

Social media has a lot to do with influencing how you perceive certain things. Like for example, cops.

For example, the NYPD News tweeted….

NYPD News had a good idea of how to promote positive vibes towards NYPD cops. But that didn’t work out t o well in their favor. Occupy Wall Street then replied back with an example of how some cops mistreat others around the word. Stating, “Free massages from the #NYPD..”. They have a good point with their tweet, but this is a prime example of how social media can turn south very quick!

But also, let’s not forge the positive social media towards cops!

The #Communitypolicing is a hashtag created by a cop named, Tommy Norman. Who created this hashtag with his social media to show that cops can be fun and inspiring to others. Even if there is a lot going on in the world regarding cop’s, he still tries to show that all cop’s are not the same.  Not only does Tommy post on social media, but cop’s around the world join in on the fun!


(Image screenshot on Iphone browsing the #communitypolicing)


While other posts have funny, positive things to say!

Social media is all about how you present certain images or sayings. You can approach what you posts in a positive way or make it a negative way. Just be careful what you post and remember, it’s on there forever!

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