“Live Your Life, Don’t Tweet Your Life” Word to Student-Athletes

By: Jasmine Meredith

An image illustrating that recruited student-athletes are being Googled.

Once student-athletes get to college things become a little more serious. From longer and harder practices to requirements that need to be made in the classroom. Even their social media expectations change.

A student-athlete tweeting about the expectations of his Twitter.

I know a good chunk of student-athletes from many different universities and this is a common mindset for them. I asked a friend of mine who plays Volleyball at Howard University what their restrictions were. She told me they weren’t able to cuss or retweet bad images. She said that they monitored student’s social media. Anything that makes the college look bad can’t be tweeted or retweeted. It didn’t get to this extreme with my friend but athletes and recruits can lose be dropped because of the things they tweet.

A news piece on a recruit that was dropped because of his tweets.

In fact, it turns out that there is such thing as a social media seminar for student-athletes. It gives 9 dos and don’ts from things to keep in mind to what should be posted. Not only is being mindful of what you tweet just for the sake of the school, it’s for the student-athlete themselves. They’re a brand and you want to keep the content that you’re tweeting, liking or retweeting consistent with the image that you want the public to have of you.

Along with the players having expectations up until recently coaches and staff were unable to like, retweet or share recruit’s post. In this article on sbnation, they talk about the new change that the NCAA made allowing coaches to now participate in those interactions. But even though that’s a big change for them they’re still limited to what they can do. According to the article, coaches and staff still aren’t able to directly tweet at the recruits.

Social media plays a role in almost everything today.

As the speaker of the social media seminars, David Petroff, would say, “live your life, don’t tweet your life.”

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