2017: The Year of Breaking Records

By: Azzy Herrera 

The 2017 NFL Scouting Combine began on Tuesday, February 28th and will continue on until this coming Monday, March 6th. The vast majority of football fans joined in to watch as athletes performed their on-air workouts beginning on Friday, March 3rd. The weekend began with running backs, o-line, and special teams. Saturday proceeded onto quarterbacks, wide receivers, as well as tight ends. Defensive line and line backers took over Sunday and last but not least, defensive backs to close out on Monday.

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The basis of the NFL combine is to analyze the athlete and determine whether those skills reflected during the multiple workouts and drills coincide with those that’ll be expected of them to perform during the actual season. Many athletes indeed proved that they are more than qualified to take their athleticism to the next level such as Stanford RB, Christian McCaffery and Utah Offensive Tackle, Garett Bolles. Although all athletes showed impressive athletic abilities, there is one name that had Twitter blowing up in amazement: John Ross.

Washington Wide Receiver, John Ross, set a record on Saturday March 4th, by running the infamous 40-yard dash in 4.22 seconds. Arizona Cardinal Running Back, Chris Johnson, was the previous record holder when he ran for an also impressive, 4.24 seconds back in 2008. After the run, multiple athletes, managers, coaches, all went to Twitter to express their amazement with a humorous, sincere, or simple congratulatory message for Ross. Chris Johnson couldn’t help but pay recognition to the new record holder through a small yet meaningful mention through Twitter, as well (shown below).

Source Credit: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/chris-johnson-rest-of-twitter-react-to-john-ross-record-40-yard-dash-at-nfl-combine



As if running a 4.22 wasn’t remarkable itself, Ross had no doubt that he was not going to perform quite like he did. The day preceding the run, Ross was questioned what he expected to run and he responded, “Under 4.3. That’s what I plan to run.” Well, John Ross, you certainly proved all those watching and more importantly, yourself, right. Congrats on being the new official record holder for the NFL Combine 40-yard dash and much success to you as you continue to embark in your football career!








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