Leading or Misleading?

I started a little late on my word press and I came across the article of a missing lady who is said to be missing due to her  dementia. The article is very short and I wonder if this the best attempt to send out a message of hope to let people start to make a search for her or are they trying to clear there name. The article is very short but I am trying to think of what message the news feed is portraying. 

Friends hope woman missing since condo fire will be found safe,

In this article it seems to say that the old women could not have made it out a live or that a friend that was a neighbor disappeared right before the fire broke out, maybe involved in the missing of this elderly woman Jaqueline McDonald. Then they start talking about an old childhood friend and with other words make it seem like she is dead. These two articles are very short but give much leading or misleading details. Maybe it is a very good way to get info.  What do you think about this?


Joseph Molina

Published by

UNT Eagle Strategies

Class members of the social media class in the Mayborn School of Journalism

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