Denny’s use of social media

By Paul Wedding

There are few businesses whose social media presences are more in-tune with internet culture than that of Denny’s.


Denny’s manages to capitalize off the popular new zoom in meme, popularly used on Twitter. Not only that, but the text itself “has this distracted you from overwhelming existential dread lol” manages to connect with the general attitude and humor of young internet users, giving a better look for their brand to the modern generation.

Twitter isn’t the only social media Denny’s uses successfully. They also run a tumblr-esque blog that posts content like this haiku, which, again, makes funny content relatable to the people who use the internet today.

With 367,000 followers on Twitter and 1.2 million likes on Facebook, this gives them an extremely wide audience, with their content giving them even more attention as so many of their followers tend to share their posts, such as the image above, which received 117,000 retweets.

The people behind Denny’s are not in fact savvy teenagers, but the marketing agency Erwin Penland. Their director of digital strategy, Kevin Purcer, said in an interview that “It’s about… the little conversations that might not mean a lot at the surface level that you might have in a Denny’s booth with your friends and family. But, when you look back at your life, those might be the moments you enjoy the most.”

The idea he is trying to convey is essentially that Denny’s social media presence is your funny friends who make jokes when you’re out at the local diner after a long night out at the bars. It’s these funny, ridiculous moments that you remember for years and years and provide you with that sweet sense of nostalgia. By associating Denny’s with these moments, they’re building an intimate bond with their users, which ensures that their followers will be visiting their restaurant for years to come.

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