Get Out And See ‘Get Out’

The horror suspense film titled “Get Out” was recently released to a lot of praise and critical response. The movie was written and directed by Jordan Peele, a comedic writer best known for his work on “Key & Peele” it is his directional debut. This along with the fact that the film had no big name actors and a budget of of 4.5 million makes the amazing box office tally of 33.4 million so far so very impressive.

The answer to this movie’s success and popularity is the power that social media truly has. Even director Jordan Peele has taken full advantage of it. This film’s social campaign took full advantage of engaging trailers and social sites like Facebook and twitter. Peele made a film that had to be discussed several times among peers after viewing and even requires a second viewing. This would encourage many people who could have been hesitant to view it to feel like they have to.

The film was the most discussed topic on Facebook and was trending on twitter since it’s release and has led to future films to come from Peele due to his unforeseen success. The actors and everyone involved with the film did not have a large press tour promoting the film like most films than Peele himself doing small interviews. Word of mouth and the promotion of the viewers themselves proved to be enough to produce the large box office numbers the film saw since it’s release.

Peele engages with people through twitter and jokes around with them about things that you have to view the film to understand. Combined with the social message in the film, social was effectively used with this film to spread awareness and generate interest for it as well as make it a topic of discussion for weeks. This is yet another example of social media in the corporate world to make money.

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