H&M Studio Collection See Now, Buy Now Debuts at Paris Fashion Week

By: Shannon Williams

The digital world and social media have changed the way consumers interact with brand and products. Gone are the days of fashion shows being private invite only events. Now a days people from all over the world have instant access to seeing the latest trends. H&M is one of the newest brands to take that concept a step further.

On March 1st, H&M debuted its new spring summer 2017 studio collection at Paris Fashion week in a see now, buy now format. All items from the collection were available for purchase after the show at an exclusive pop up boutique in Paris and online around the world. The next day the collection was available in select stores.


(Ogunnaike, N., 2017 Elle)

H&M utilized a number of different social media platforms to publicize and build excitement around the show. All of their followers on Instagram, and Twitter and Fans on Facebook we invited to watch the show live on the H&M website.


(H&M Instagram)

The show featured a number of social influencers such as Gigi and Bella Hadid walking in the show, Alexa Chung and many more in attendance, and with a special performance by The Weekend at the end. The star-studded crowd built excitement around the event on social platforms and let people feel like they were there.

The see now, buy now is a new format being tested by a number of different brands. It enables people to instantly purchase the new styles being show, which mirrors the way people see the new collections. People are able to post and share images from the show and than instantaneously buy them. People feel closer to the brands as more interactions and engagements are fostered.

The world culture has changed due to social media. People no longer want to wait as they have access to every thing instantaneously. The new show format enhances this and brands can profit from the initial excitement created by the first reveal.

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