How Voice Search Has Changed the Game in SEO Tactics

By: Morgan McAnally


When the Siri feature on the iPhone first came out, consumers were instantly fascinated. Today we have such features through Cortana, Google Now, Amazon’s Echo, you name it. People are fascinated by this for one reason: the simplicity of talking rather than typing. Blame it on the lazy millennials or Gen Z’s but we all can agree that talking is more efficient, comfortable and effortless than having to type something out. This emerging new trend is a reason one that digital marketers need to continue to monitor or they are going to fall behind in SEO tactics.

SEO has evolved itself through the years, from being keyword oriented to content-driven. But as emerging technology continues to advance, marketers need to watch closely as consumers are finding new ways to look for content. Research shows that “Google is providing a direct answer result on about 19.5 percent of total search engine queries” which is a four percent increase since last year.


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The way we type is significantly different from the way we speak. When typing a google search we using broken-language such as “Dallas Bakery”, versus when we voice search we would say “What are the best Bakery’s in Dallas?”. When using voice search you get feedback that feels natural versus when you type. As the popularity of these programs grow, it is important for search engines to correctly interpret the language. Most conversational search queries don’t pull searches based on keywords so many places that use the right language on their website will pop up when searched. This is important when it comes to companies who may be overlooking voice search completely.

One thing that is clear is that voice search optimization is the future of SEO and companies need to start creating meaningful content with conversational tones to it in order to be recognized. These tactics need to include long-tail keywords, content that answers the “who, what, when, where, why and how” questions and research on conversational keywords. Technology is forever evolving and more generations are getting “tech-savvy” so these are important factors to recognize when dealing with SEO in the future.


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