Politics or Twitter Beef? Politicians or Trolls?

Politics or Twitter Beef? Politicians or Trolls?

 By Kaleen Washingtongettyimages_647615482-0

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Since the campaign of President Donald J. Trump, America has had to get used to politics being communicated via Twitter. In fact many of us our still finding it a tad bit strange, others are searching for ways to become acclimated.

Although, it is not new to us that President Trump goes to twitter, his Twitter rants never seem to fail to surprise us either.  The big question is, has Trump’s social media use influenced other politicians to also engage via twitter?

Call it a political discussion, disagreement, quarrel, at the end of the day, us Twitter folks just know it as TWITTER BEEF!

Disagreements between the democratic party and the republican party are nothing new to America. But what is new are the politicians taking to social media to voice their opinions and disagreements.

A few political voices and figures from senators to political analysts take to Twitter everyday to discuss every situation. The problem here is getting the point out in a minimum 140 characters.

Opinions and official statements often get lost in translation. While the world is watching, the message that they are trying to convey is often getting misconstrued. Instead of educating people, it more harmful promoting miseducation of politics to the normal person.


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Casual “snapbacks” from both parties are contributing to the bigger problem via social media. Creating more divides in people who do not take the time out educate themselves on all political issues. They are essentially making politics more informal by the tweet.

With these Twitter clashes becoming accepted in politics, what can we look forward to in the future from politicians as the new norm. Should we begin to put certain rules in place restricting politicians from using Twitter in certain ways? Times have changed, why not be proactive? It is 2017.




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