Social Media is the New Way to Campaign

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By: Kenya Mavhera

With the 2016 presidential elections that just passed there’s a lot we can take and learn from all the social media presence each candidate had. But in this election season, Social Media played a bigger role in our politics than ever before. The most important thing we learned from all the drama, tweets, and memes was how the power of social media became the new way to campaign. Never before has a like, retweet, or any online activity been so relevant to American politics.

Thousands of people today use Social Media networks to frequently check the news and keep up to date with what’s happening around the world.  There was no doubt that each candidate used social media to their advantage during the elections weather it was used in a positive or negative way. Both Hilary and Trump came up with strategic Social Media plans to influence their voters, and let me tell you did that work! The amazing thing about Social Media is that it acts as glue for like-minded people, and it can reinforce their confirmation biases. Political strategists seek out particular audiences and feed them information in a way that is specialized to their own interests. Trump’s campaign team strategically planned his campaign mainly focused through social media. He didn’t have to pay for advertising because his Social Media accounts were doing it for him. Twitter was where Trump truly flourished and rose to the top. Although many times people didn’t agree to what he was tweeting, it was still getting enough attention from viewers all over America and creating a huge buzz! It got to the point where people anxiously waited to see what crazy thing Trump would tweet for the day! That itself shows you the huge presence Social Media played in the elections. Although Hilary’s Social Media campaign wasn’t bad and many people agreed with what she stood for her presence in the media and popularity status on twitter didn’t come close to Trump’s. Many people think Social Media was the main reason Trump won the elections, this necessarily isn’t false but we know ones thing for certain, his media presence definitely benefited him a lot!

So where does Social Media take us in regards to future campaigns? Social Media is only going to have a greater impact when it comes to worldwide news and politics. The media is the fastest way to get information out to the people and it’s important to have a good Social Media team that can help you do that! So if you were one of the people who hated logging onto their twitter and seeing Trump and Hilary’s campaign all over your newsfeed you might as well learn to get use to it or not use your twitter during the elections because when it comes to campaigning, Social Media is here to stay! Lucky for you it’s only every 4 years!



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