The Power of Social Media

By Erin Kennard

In our generation, you can become an influencer or famous celebrity by just posting pictures on Instagram. Social media celebs of our generations are fitness advocates, music artists, fashion leaders and make-up artists. These social media stars are very helpful in helping people find new ways to workout, apply makeup, buy better clothes, and find new music artists. These social media stars receive a lot of engagement and shares, things we talk about in class, that’s important for social media.

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mia_fitness, an Instagram account I follow of Ramses Principe; Ramses Principe is a fitness expert and has 181,000 Instagram followers, he posts video and photos of different types of fitness exercises. His videos are very helpful and if you look at the photo, you can see he’s seriously a fitness expert.

The Power of Social Media gives everyone a chance for their creativity to be broadcasted on a bigger stream. It gives people a chance to recognize your passion or skills.


If anyone deserves credit for the Power of social media, Donald Trump is the MASTER OF THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA. Donald Trump used Twitter to display his political policies and views of certain controversial issues. Donald Trump continues to use social media as a system to display his opinion on ongoing issues in society.





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