Welcoming the Auction Business to Social Media


BY: Nina Moreno

It’s not about the followers, but about getting your business out there. In one of our first classes, Bufkins said funeral homes were probably one of the businesses to be ridiculous to have social media. But is it ridiculous for an Auto Auction to have social media?

Working as a marketing rep has taught me a lot. Who would’ve thought that an auction, of all businesses, would need a social media page. Many of the people at Metro Auto Auction had no idea what social media was capable of doing. Now, were getting looked at by corporate. How was it possible?

On Facebook we were able to post all of the upcoming promotions that the auction would be having. On top of that, Facebook helped with boosting posts. Many dealers and their companies already had Facebook, so utilizing the software just made sense.

Now, dealers who are located in Mexico are able to communicate with the Auction and get information on how to buy online. In addition, QR codes are revolutionizing the auction business as well.

QR codes are usually not in the best areas. But for Auctions it works. Reps are hired for several different car stores and need to be sure that the cars aren’t messed up.

Through an app that scans VIN numbers for cars, dealers are able to make sure that the car they purchase doesn’t have faulty things going on. The auctions are allowed to let buyers know what’s going for units, but the dealers are entitled to know about additional things. With Fastscanner, the buyer is able to give you a vehicle history report.

The point I’m trying to make is that although it may seem unreasonable for them to get social media. It actually helps. For the auto industry, this means being extra secure for the price you pay.



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