Why Students Should Subscribe to The Washington Post

(Written by Jesse Priest.)

One thing that I’ve learned while studying journalism is that nobody these days wants to pay for their news. Nobody wants to subscribe to a newspaper. Nobody wants to spend about $15 a month for something they can get for free from almost anywhere else. Students my age just want to read news quick and free and take Buzzfeed quizzes about which Beyoncé album you should listen to if your zodiac sign is a Taurus.

We are too accustomed to having information for free and readily available. And we always hate having a pop-up blocking us from accessing that much-needed news of the day. But ever since the election of Donald Trump, and “fake news”, factual information has indeed been more valuable than ever.

We need to know what is actually going on in the world. We can’t just trust what Trump says because we should all know by now, that a lot of what comes out of Trump and his administrations’ mouth isn’t always trustworthy. So, students like me now have the most perfect way to get the news that they need without having to pay for a subscription.

The Washington Post now offers students free digital access subscription. All you have to do is create an account with your student email address and follow the instructions under the “My subscriptions” tab to begin reading news from one of the most respected news organizations on the planet.


With this free subscription, you can access The Washington Post’s website and mobile app for free, with unlimited access. I’m really glad that the WaPo started this initiative. College students need to know what’s going on in the world and everybody knows that as a student, funds are hard to come by; except, of course, funds for video games and weekend parties that involve lots of alcohol and drugs.

But money is still scarce even with that in mind. And college students are undoubtedly the ones who are carrying the torch into the future.

Why not give them the public good and service of high-quality information and reporting that The Washington Post offers?


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