Your Online Self Portrait

by: Jose Osorio @CrucialBleu

Everyone is aware that we should be careful of what we post online it is no secret that once something is online it is online forever. Everyone who is on the internet has what you would call an online persona. This is they way people perceive you online. Everything you post and share is public for anyone to reach and see. I like to see this as a “Self Portrait” the internet representing a canvas and your post, shares and comments being parts of a whole portrait that you yourself paint for everyone to see. Companies and hiring agencies look at candidates online profiles to get a glimpse of who you really are. Many people believe that the Interview is the first impression of the hiring process. Many years ago this may have been true but in todays day and age it is not. Chad Brooks Senior Writer for Business News Daily wrote “60 percent of employers now turn to social networks to research job applicants, up from 52 percent last year and just 11 percent in 2006.” The true first impression is your online profile and this can make or break your chances many employers have made decision on hiring someone just based off of their online presence and work that is online. Employees want to see the real person not what they put in their resumes and cover letters. 013_social-media-collage

Employers don not stop there they also check up on current employees. So you should be very careful all the time several people have been fired from their jobs because of what they said on social media. Katie Halper from wrote about 17 separate occasions where employees were fired because of something they posted online. Most of the stories are shocking and I wonder why anyone would do these things. This is proof that employers are always watching and we must be careful. Just like an artist painting a self portrait we too must carefully construct our online profiles to be the best representations of who we are and what we want to be. It is a process that is a must I feel when applying for jobs,internships, schools and even dating. You don’t get another shot at a first impression so making your profile the best it can be is key. I feel like this is something that although everyone knows I can’t stress enough how important it truly is. My last piece of advice is that if you are questioning to post something don’t post.

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