Branding On Social Media


By: Karsyn Scherer


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I think of branding as the idea and emotion that comes to mind when thinking of a product or company. For example, when I think of Anthropologie, I think of bohemian attire, soft colors, calming environment and a homey style. However, when I think of Nike, I think of fast-paced, dark colors, active and fit. Those are two distinctively different perceptions and it is due to the way they have branded themselves. Branding is not just for stores, it is for companies and social media as well.

The first step to creating your brand on social media is deciding how you want to be perceived. Then you need to post content of that value. Entrepreneur offers great tips for creating a social media brand presence. Their ideas include following people who support your brand, creating valuable content, mention other known brands to get them to share your site, and using campaigns to get your word out to the public.

When it comes to branding, it is very important to have a voice that is unique to you. You want your consumers to be able to recognize your brand from a mile away. People also like patterns, so the more regular you post, the more trusted your brand will become. Sproutsocial conveyed the importance of visual branding. Content is not just what you write, but also what graphics you post. Be sure your images match your content and keep the flow of your brand on your social media. For Instagram especially, it is a great idea to plan out your posts and see if it is visual pleasing. Aesthetics are a huge thing in today’s society and can really launch a brand.

Branding is becoming more and more digital and it is important to know how to develop your brand online. There are multiple tools to help, but starting today is the first step.

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