Butchering Hip-Hop: Cut the Beef

By: Kevin Walker

In yesteryears, the world of beef coincided with the butcher. Nowadays beef runs rapid through society and was a prevalent factor in the world of hip-hop until death became a very serious and likely outcome for parties involved. Recently rapper Boosie BadAzz posted on his Instagram “Everybody promotes rap beef until someone ends up dead. Those same people who were over excited about the rap beef is the same MFS go say that’s f*cked up what happened to him, why did this happen, this has to stop, omg he’s dead, now you crying tearUnknown.jpegs, but y’all the same MFS promote the beef and say it’s hip-hop.”

There is an old saying that goes ‘live by the gun, die by the gun’ and with as much pain that beef has brought upon, it seems to also increase the sales of the artist(s) involved but would you say that your life is a fair trade? Would you literally lay it all on the line? When it comes to this career path and all that comes with it, Boosie said “You don’t care about the chances of that little girl losing her daddy. When she cry, y’all not gone be there to hold her. Know y’all promoted this sh*t remember everybody ain’t playing please know that”.

Life is a delicate gift that holds a significant value for the ones who create, conceive and live itimages.jpeg yet when it comes to the lives of those who entertain, promoting the possibility of someone’s demise is what happens. This is by no means conducive to better hip-hop or a better world for that matter.

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