JetBlue is Flying High with Digital Customer Service

JetBlue Customer Service
Credit: JetBlue Twitter

Written by: Channing Nuttall

For many multibillion dollar companies, it is difficult to maintain a high standard of customer service across the board. JetBlue has mastered how to handle customer service issues for its 30 million yearly customers via Twitter. Positive tweets about JetBlue’s customer service, like the one seen above, are very common because how diligent the company is about its customer service. There are three distinct teams that work on JetBlue’s Twitter including marketing, corporate communications, and customer service.

The breakup of personnel allows for the customer service team to focus on issues or praises from customers via Twitter. JetBlue’s 25-person customer service team handles everything from raving reviews, complaints, and flight status updates to better serve their customers on the platform. JetBlue’s customer service team is located in Utah, so it is often difficult to keep up with what is happening with every flight. In order to keep up with what is happening, JetBlue sends out a newsletter with news and details of what promotions are running at each airport.


Credit: JetBlue Blog

When it comes to negative comments on Twitter, JetBlue has an individual approach. JetBlue does not reply to every negative tweet because some people simply hate the company or enjoy complaining. JetBlue also does not like to apologize for every instance a flight is delayed because there are often safety reasons that a flight has been pushed back. JetBlue does help many customers who have had a negative experience with options of what to do next in terms of rescheduling, refunding, etc. With the dedicated customer service team JetBlue has managed to obtain the J.D. Power and Associates award for customer service for 12 years in a row.

JetBlue ResponseTime
Credit:JetBlue Twitter

Not only does JetBlue win at customer service but each reply is made within a matter of minutes after the initial tweet. This quick response help alleviate customer complaints and keeps them happy because they are being heard by the company.

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