Social Media Changes Over The Years

By: Karsyn Scherer

Over the years we have become a society entranced in technology. Professor Bufkins showed a video in the first weeks of class that had the alarming fact that goldfish have longer attention spans than humans. Many students were shocked by that and questioned the validity. However, I can see how that statistic would be accurate because I find myself being commonly distracted and reaching for my phone. I wanted to reflect on the use of social media and how it has changed over time.

When I think back to when I was growing up, I played outside and rode bikes. Yes, I played some computer games, but nothing like kids do now. I babysit for a few families, and every single one of the has ipads for their kids. One even has designated time to play on his ipad before going to sleep. That is crazy to me! If I had asked my mom for a $1,000 tablet to act as my toy she would have explained how kids do not need technology every second of the day. People have become dependent on their devices.

In a tweet chat I was involved in a few weeks ago, there was a question about how frequently users use social media. It seemed that everyone was in agreeance that they use it more than they should. I constantly use my phone to check Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. It takes up so much of my day and I constantly find myself losing track of time when I am on it.

Photographer Eric Pickersgill did a photoshoot where he removed the phones from all of the photos to highlight how much attention we give to our devices. The photos are really interesting and bring into question a topic of concern. Are we spending too much of our time on technology?


Figure 1 Credit to Eric Pluckersgill’s “Removed” Collection

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