Why Trump Should Take a Hiatus Twitter

Source: CNN Politics

America is still reeling from the 2016 elections, and I think we are all trying to find our footing with his “less than orthodox” to put it mildly way of governing.

I get it, the people wanted a change. When people are hurting, they will sometimes go the furthest thing from the norm just to get some type of change. However, Trump is an entity that even those that voted for him are coming to see as a loose cannon.

Many expected Trump to settle down once he got into office become more of a grown up and not be so outlandish, we now see that thought was never in the plan. Trump’s erratic use of social media, makes him one of the dangerous. Twitter which is his main form of communication with the American public is so childish and outlandish sometimes that one would wonder if it is actually a grown man of 70 posting. He is 70 years old and he is at constantly in a Twitter war, when he could be doing something more productive such as attending his daily briefings. Maybe if he attended his briefings, he would not be inaccurately citing Fox News about Terrorist attacks in Sweden.

Trumps late night Twitter rants make him volatile especially when he makes unsubstantiated claims of then President Obama wire tapping  the Trump Hotel during the political campaign. He then proceeds to rant about this, which does not even make sense because a president cannot order wire taps. He also proceeds to call the situation McCarthyism which is ludicrous because what he is doing now is  McCarthyism.

These accusations and wars that a grown man who is supposed to be running the free world is not only incredibly unproductive it is also divisive. The best thing that Trump can do at this point is to take a hiatus from Twitter, the world would be a better place for it.

I was all for giving Trump a chance, because we voted and my side lost, however from what I have seen so far looks a lot like a more divisive America. I will say this until the day I die NOT IN MY AMERICA!!!

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