Social Media Affects and Consumption of the Fashion Industry

By KeAndra Hill

How does social media affect the way we consume trends and dress on a daily basis? Social media is just another platform allowing companies to directly place ads and campaign in front of a consumer that is actually interested and likely to interact. So this raises the question, do we actually dress ourselves? The power that social media has on consumers can be due to consumer behavioral obsession to constantly ‘share’, ‘connect’, and stay ‘updated’.

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These platforms also allow companies to monitor and research their consumers through the way their consumers act, react, and interact. Companies easily intertwine lifestyle and marketing on social media. They are no longer trying to sell the products, but instead, the lifestyle of the brand.

It is the overwhelming obsession of social media that convinces consumers to spend and keep up with trends. Fashion is already instinctly about aesthetics, presentation, and outward appearances. So of course social media feeds into those superficial tendencies. How does this affect purchase tendencies? Well no one wants to be seen in the same outfit they wore two weeks ago. This in turn encourages consumers to purchase more.

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Fashion is moving faster now more than ever thanks to social media, but fortunately, it is also increasing sales and consumer purchases.





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