Instagram Stories Proving to be a Useful Tool

By Mary Cage | @MaryCagePTG

Snapchat is no longer the only social media platform that allows users to post “stories” – 24-hour temporary photo and/or video postings that can be made to resemble slideshows. While this may seem like copycat behavior, the photo and video sharing platform has successfully differentiated itself from Snapchat and has found success in adding another interesting tool for its users.

This is a great way to prevent over-posting and therefore flooding your followers’/customers’ news feeds. Instead, you can post a multitude of photos and/or vi

Instagram story example
An Instagram story with drawn art. Source: Instagram Blog

deos to your story that users can manually choose to view. Because of this, the story feature on Instagram actually provides a way to increase sharing, since you are not filling up the feed by posting to your story.

To differentiate itself from Snapchat, Instagram stories have a number of features that set them apart. You can add Boomerangs, which are quick, fun back and forth videos, or go live on video (similar to Facebook Live but the video does not save). Like Snapchat, but with its own style and twist, Instagram also allows you to add text, art, stickers, and
geographic tags to your stories.

This feature has added to the diversity of Instagram, which has brought intrigue to the platform. It now has messaging, photo and video posting and sharing, live video, stories, and messaging – features that give it an edge over Snapchat and keep it neck and neck with the powerful forces of Facebook and Twitter. This will maintain Instagram’s relevancy and importance, keeping it a significant tool for owners to reach and engage their audience and potential customers.




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