Lawyers on Social Media


By: Brooke Girton

Lawyers are known for promoting themselves on billboards and TV commercials, but now they need to find their place on social media, with the rest of the businesses. Lawyers, more than any other business, need to build connections with their prospective clients, and not just send out information. Instead, they need to find a way to start a conversation. Even better, they need to start actively listening and monitoring for related topics. Social media is a great tool for lawyers to learn more about recent developments in their focus of the law. It could also keep them informed of who their target audience or clients are and what they want.

5 Rules for Lawyers on Social Media

Lawyers could also build their name by use blogs to create relevant and unique content that would be useful to other lawyers or prospective clients. Most lawyers have a niche in the law, like a divorce lawyer who fights for the fathers’ rights. If they become an expert on social media, their name will be at the forefront when clients are looking for that specific niche lawyer.


More Than Distributing Content

Social media also allows clients to create relationships with lawyers without having to pay for their time. It is easier and cheaper now for lawyers to individually promote themselves and find their own connections, separate from a firm.

Lawyers should also engage with trending hashtags whenever they are relevant to their field. Hashtags can increase awareness or get people talking.

Social Media Ethics Guidelines were instated by the New York State Bar Association to regulate the interactions of New York lawyers on social media. The advertising and soliciting laws for attorneys still apply to social media posts. Lawyers also need to be especially careful not to violate attorney-client privilege in any way. Lawyers also need to represent themselves more accurately on social media than most people. If they claim to be a specialist on something, they need to have a certification for it.


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