The Dangers of Being Hacked

By: Lauren France

The definition of hacking is using a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system. Hacking occurs on many different social media sites and other websites, but in the end what good does it actually do? Sometimes the messages received from hackers are pointless, but usually they contain links to programs that will download onto your computer or smartphone, which gives them access to your personal property.

With social media becoming more and more prominent in peoples everyday lives, they also run a higher risk of those platforms getting hacked. According to, half of the adult population gets hacked through social media at least once in their life. This could be due to bad security monitoring, or a typical virus that shows up on the Internet and downloads to your computer.


There are many ways you can prevent hackers from getting into your account:

  1. Updating your devices at the earliest possible time
  2. Keep your password a secret
  3. Change your passwords every few months and have different passwords for different accounts
  4. NEVER download programs from an unreliable site
  5. Use a reliable Wi-Fi network
  6. Always log out of your account after you’re finished
  7. Install antivirus programs to your computer





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