A More Social Industry

By: Evan Haras

As companies start to play with social media accounts and figure out how to properly use them we are starting to see well thought out campaigns that sell. The automotive industry does a good job at this. Many people use social media accounts to express what they like to do in their free time. There is a belief that a car reflects its owner which allows for companies to market even without advertisements eventually scrolling through your feed and seeing your friend’s new car. In 2014 the CMO council report had recorded that 38% of consumers would use Facebook the next time they are looking to purchase a vehicle. Many automotive companies have found the best way to sell a vehicle is to show the consumer the whole thing. They want to see the motor and engine the new technology and how the vehicle drives. Some companies are lucky enough to have a strong enough brand name for example BMW has 18.5 million likes on Facebook but never post anything interactive. They average 2,500 shares a post showing that many people would love to have that symbol on what they’re driving. A good automotive campaign should tell a story that viewers can relate to as well as engage followers. Another way that companies keep customers engaged is by creating a hashtag for a vehicle. Possibly an action shot of a jeep climbing tough terrain showing how much further your car can go than a normal one. The biggest and I think the most important thing for automotive companies and great ways that they use social media is allow for questions and give timely answers and tips to help customers in need. It allows for the company to become more humanized showing people that post problems on their page that their voice will be heard and people love great customer service.

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