How Does Your Business Appear on Google Search?

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The way that your business appears on the Google search page could be the deciding factor for someone to click your listing. Searches are made locally and people want answers fast when they are searches for a specific type of business. Your listing should include the main answers to questions that are most often asked. Not only should you listing be accurate and complete, but managing the reviews is an important factor as well.

The first thing that a business owner should do is making sure they are signed up with local directories. These local directories include platforms like Yelp, Yellow Pages, White Pages, and Facebook to name a few. To make sure that that this part of your listing is managed, you can set up a relationship with a program that will keep everything up to date with a monthly fee. In an article from Social Media Today, it is recommended to use a program like SweetIQ to help keep your listing relevant. It is important to manage and make sure your listing is up to date for many reasons. One of the main reasons being that Google puts emphasis on websites that contain accurate and complete information. This will help your listing be seen by more customers creating a higher click through rate for your website.

Reviews can be a challenging thing when it comes to a business listing. It is very important not to ignore reviews that may are made towards a listing. Individuals searching the web before deciding which business to choose, often rely on the reviews of that business. A tip to make sure that your review section doesn’t go unnoticed would be to ask your most loyal customers to write you a review first. This way when a potential customer sees your listing they will immediately look at the positive feedback that others have shared about your business. The question of what to do when you receive an angry review is always on a business owners mind. In a video created by Cave Social, they suggest a couple ways to respond to a negative review. The first way is to address the concern of the customer and provide customer service. The second way is to try and get the person in a one-on-one chat scenario to further discuss solutions.

Potential customers are going to see your business information and reviews first when they search on Google. Making sure everything in your listing is a significant part to making your search appear at the top of the search engine results page.



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