Instagram boosts fitness industry…

By: Tehquin Hampton

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The fitness industry has recently been propelled to new heights with the help of Instagram and other forms of social media. I recent years the fitness industry subculture has grown a lot because of the expose on social media, Instagram in particular. Fitness brands and companies are using other social media platforms to grow their companies and brands but

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Instagram works the best because of the visual aspect it offers. These fitness brands and companies can better showcase what they are about and what they do visually. Seeing in shape fitness models and influencers are what motivate their targeted consumers to engage and convert. When I began my fitness journey I followed bodybuilders and fitness models on Instagram. These guys have hundreds of thousands of followers. Some are sponsored be different fitness brands and companies so they wear and use the products on their personal pages. Some of these influencers have even created their own fitness companies. Christian Guzman is a popular physique competitor who has used his fame on social media to grow his fitness appeal line Alphalete. Instagram has also been a great place for a fitness community to develop within social media, while others who do not engage in the community not realize it exist.

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