Is Instagram good for you?

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Amairani De La Sancha


Instagram was first launched in the fall of 2010 as a photo sharing app. Over the next two months they accumulated one million accounts. This app has become a very popular place for people to share their lives with friends, family and even strangers who follow them. The problem with using this social media app is people lie about their lives and what they do. Likes on Instagram have become a form of being accepted into a superficial world. The number of likes and shares for many individuals have become “life goals” and they have lost touch with reality.

When people see photos of their friends and strangers having a good time and living it up it’s more than likely a façade. Society tends to buy into this “fakeness” and they may get depressed and want to live a life like the people they follow. This can lead to depression and especially in teens because they have never lived in a world without technology. They can feel excluded from various things that their friends have done without them. Instagram may not work out so well for some teens, but if they like using this app then they should understand that the lives of some people they follow are fake and superficial.

People who post pictures on Instagram just to gain likes and more followers are the individuals who are the loneliest. They think that just by gaining these things they will be happier and their lives will be fulfilled, but it’s not true. The only way people will be happy is if they stop looking at how many likes their getting and just post photos because they like how they look.

Remember the number of likes are not important, but the quality of your content is. Even if you aren’t getting enough people to like your photos it doesn’t mean they aren’t great. Individuals must understand this concept so that they won’t feel bad about looking at popular Instagram accounts.








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