Learning Design through YouTube

By Sanjuana Banda | @bysxnj

YouTube has been a great tool for many designers or for those who want to learn a few things about design. There are multiple videos on the site that contain material from tutorials, discussions, and hardware. Here are a few examples of channels that face distributed useful information through YouTube.

Tutvid is a  channel that focuses on tutorials with programs such Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro. Nathaniel Dodson is the creator of the channel. He tends to focus on tutorials with subjects of photography, typography, video editing, logo design, and retouching.


Credit: tutvid YouTube’s page

The Futur is a channel hosted primarily by Chris Do. He is currently the CEO of The Futur, Executive Producer of The Skool, CEO of Blind, Inc., and Professor at Art Center College of Design. As the host, he has a well-rounded experience from the real world and as a professor. The channel includes how to tutorials, typography and design, design critiques, trending topics, the business of design, marketing, and branding. This channel is great for those interested in the business aspects of design. Not many designers tend to be interested in the business of design, but some of the content created to gather a more worldly view of design and different aspects that are not necessarily taught.

Credit: The Futur YouTube’s page

The Futur has also used other forms of social media to present their discussions. The Futur has been using Facebook Live to broadcast some of the discussions of logo critiques, typography, and other subjects. They have also utilized podcasts to broadcast their programs. The Futur uses different platforms to create their content.

Credit: The Futur’s podcast

HOW Design and other media sources have been accepting to the creators have done for design within YouTube. Media outlets have seen the effectiveness of YouTube for creators. HOW Design and We Function have both listed their list of channels worth checking for those interested in design.

For those interested in design, YouTube has given the opportunity for many to learn useful information. It is a useful tool to gain insight into the world of design.

(Featured Image: API University)


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