Money Making Instagram Models

Money Making Instagram Models

by Chastany Beaver

Scrolling down my timeline on Instagram, I’m frequently encountered with a beautiful, half-naked, “Instagram model”. When these models first became popular, I thought these were a bunch of attention seeking nudist. But since the evolution of social media, modeling over the right social media platform has taken these models from selfie addicts to the faces of tops brands.

According to The Fader, an Instagram model is a derisive way of referring to the many young women who have built, or are hoping to build, careers using the social platform. Some famous ones you may know are India Love and Amanda Lee. But exactly how are these girls taking their lives and careers to the next level? THEIR FOLLOWERS! When searched “how to make money from followers”, Goggle says, “To get paid on Instagram, you’re essentially looking for followers and sponsors.” First you need a ton of followers to build a personal brand, then you’ll need an agreement with a brand of some kind who thinks you’re worthy enough of representing them, thus getting that bag! (paycheck)

Since the evolution of Instagram modeling, many young girls have inspired to take this “career” path. Millions have dedicated their accounts to promoting their image and being the faces of their favorite designers and brands. My question is, has this new trend gone too far?

Despite that, I could argue that this strategy of self promotion is a great way of taking a passion for self expression into a monkey making mission. By posting professionally edited photos you create a look others might want to mimick., this building a following. Either way, this shows just how social media has created businesses and careers just from posting a pic.

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