The Essentials of PR and SEO in Real Estate

By Mackenzy Hand


A few choice essentials in both public relations and the concept of search engine optimization go hand in hand with real estate and real estate marketing plans. It is easy to say that it’s all about who you know when it comes to bringing in leads, and that may be true with some of your pre-existing clientele. But what about new leads? Yes, you as the agent want to get to a point where the majority of your business is referral based, but it’s never a bad idea to rake in outside sources. That’s where PR and SEO come in.

The main thing that you want to concern yourself with when it comes to PR is gaining exposure for your real estate brand. Everyone needs a little help now and then. Generally, what we mean by “help” in the real estate world is getting referrals from other agents. What you can do to help your business and your brand even more is to enlist other professionals such as TV and radio personalities, bloggers, social media analysts, and other professionals in the real estate field, as well as publications like local, state, or national magazines, newspapers, and blogs to aid in making your brand more recognizable.

What is important to understand is that no one knows about your brand until you bring it to them. Where PR is applicable in this situation is bringing your brand into the right light. You may be interviewed by a radio or TV personality where they ask you to yield some of your expertise live on the air, which will make prospective clientele more comfortable working with you. Someone might recognize your face from an article they read in their favorite magazine or local newspaper. Another important thing to remember is that PR is a two-way street. By helping you expand your brand, publications are helping themselves as well. The name recognition you will provide for them will lead to more traffic on their sites, which in turn leads to revenue. It’s a win win situation, and that is the power of public relations.

Brand start up: Machines building brand-word.            As mentioned before, SEO is another powerful tool in regards to a real estate marketing plan. Done properly, your advertising, social media strategies, and email marketing plans will help your website get found on SERPs (search engine results pages). The goal of SEO in real estate is to guide the right clients to your website and generate leads for your business. The main things you should be doing to increase your SEO are to blog good content regularly, advertise, advertise, advertise, build up your social media presence, and secure lots of links on other websites. The idea behind SEO is simple, but it does take time. However long it may take, I promise it will be worth it in the end. The thing to remember is that in being a real estate agent or broker, you aren’t just working for a business, you are your own brand. And in order to truly be successful, expansion of your brand is paramount. PR and SEO are the keys to successful brand expansion.

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