The Tagging of the Trend

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When someone uses a “hashtag” on a social media outlet such as twitter, Facebook, or even Google Plus, they typically do this action to give exposure to a specific trend, or topic, that fits their own interest. When showing this interest, they want to try to create engagement and conversation with other users in hopes of a mutual understanding and appreciation of the trend itself. Of course, this idea has always been the main goal for all social media outlets, but does it necessarily accomplish this in the long run? Let us check out some more reasoning for the hashtag to just solve this online mystery.


  1. Can hashtags raise conversation?

Well in this retrospect, yes, they can raise conversation simply because the trend itself is a subject worth talking about. Within this trend, many users use the hashtag to possibly see what others’ viewpoints are on the subject, or perhaps want to see if others even agree or disagree with their belief. When users see this, they want to then interact and create engagement with others just to learn two different sides of the spectrum.

  1. Can hashtags bring people together?

Like the last question’s answer, the typical answer for this question is yes. However, it can also vary due to the fact that whatever opinions occur to be seen out on the worldwide web are not always ones we agree with. Of course, we as social media users, should not try to create conflict on social media, but sometimes, that is easier said than done based on how contrasting the viewpoints can be, and how personal they may affect us.


So, as you can read above, the hashtag itself is an important tool for social media because without it, how can any of us connect with each other and speak professionally on certain issues that stir interest among ourselves? Thankfully, social media outlets have now enlisted policies on how hashtags operate, and just how users should really use them. With that being said, keep calm and trend on! Here are some links to check out as well on the topic of hashtags and how they can be used to benefit yourself!

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