Trump Advisor had contacts with known DNC hacker.

roger stone

One of Trump’s former advisors admitted to being in contact with a hacker during Trump’s campaign, who was responsible for leaking the infamous “Hillary emails” and other DNC files, that trump talked about in just about every speech during his campaign. This alias known as Guccifer 2.0 was apparently contacted by Mr. Roger Stone through their dm’s on Twitter and when Mr. Stone was asked about this he felt the exchange was completely “innocuous”.

This sets a dangerous precedent, and will definitely bring a slew of problems, questions, and lack of answers with it in the future as many might be asking themselves “What if the conversations weren’t innocuous, but were planned to help bring scandal to the DNC. Another question arises “what other trump advisors might have been in contact with DNC hackers through social media and other outlets. With other’s currently questioning Trump’s ties to Russia, this could be disastrous for the administration with other staffers having previously resigned over “Russian” connections. It also makes you think what other politicians have engaged in communications with hackers that have caused major leaks through something as public as twitter without any idea of the ramifications it would have on the government if it was uncovered. Hopefully this doesn’t become a worrying trend in politics to contact a hacker and dig up some dirt on your opponent.

These messages were uncovered by U.S. intelligence after a thorough investigation into the DNC hacks that happened during campaign season, apparently these messages were sent after there was an article written and the leaks had already been posted on WikiLeaks and other sites. Intelligence agencies believe that Guccifer 2.0 is just a front being used by Russian hackers to deliver the hacked files publically on twitter and wasn’t directly involved in the hacking.

By Brandon Carithers

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