What’s Trending in Social Media?

Catalina Uriarte

Social media has taken over as the world’s largest network. What started growth as social_media_servicesMyspace has moved into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Even Snapchat has made its way among the social media platforms. According to Search Engine Journal, Snapchat now has over 100 million users, almost twice the population of Australia and Canada combined! Because social media has become such an important part of our society it is important to keep up with what is trending in social media. So what is trending? Let’s start with Snapchat.

Tired of only looking at the world through your Snapchat lens? With our new “picture or it didn’t happen” society it can be hard to capture the moment both on your phone and through your own eyes. Luckily, Digital Trends shares, Snapchats 2016 invention has been made available worldwide and not just to the general public. Now for $130 you can purchase Snapchat spectacles, sunglasses that allow you to take pictures for Snapchat. It’s crazy to think you can take a picture without ever pulling out a device. Snapchat however, is not the only company coming out with something new.

Facebook has become part of our entertainment allowing us to share photos, articles, videos, and live videos through Facebook Live. Facebook is going to take it one step further however as they have begun to grow their plan to offer live streaming of sports to their users. This growth includes a deal they have made with Major League Soccer to stream all their games live this year.

The last trend taking place is on Instagram. Instagram has recently updated their app to allow you to show up to 10 videos or photos on a singles Instagram post. This is knowns as a “carousel post”. In addition to this change Instagram has also furthered its access for businesses to have ads. Now businesses can run ads in your story on Instagram. This is not limited to privileged businesses, anyone can run these ads!

That’s the latest on what’s trending on Social Media. It is important to stay informed on changes that influence such a large network of individuals.

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