Adidas Resurgence

By Shannon Williams

The Adidas brand has made a recent come back. The brand had fallen far out of popular favor. However in recent years through launches of new products and strong campaigns the brand has made a come back and is now considered one of the best selling athletic and casual athletic brands on the market. Adidas has partnered with many well known influencers and has relied on strong engagement with its target audience.

A lot of the success can be attributed to Adidas’s unique and highly effective social media campaign strategies. They recently announced a plan to aggressively double their share of the women’s athletic market. To achieve this they have recruited 25  influencers with diverse backgrounds to promote the brand in social media channels. The team of influencers is vast and spans large areas of interest to best reach the consumers they are trying to appeal to.


(Adidas Instagram)

Adidas’s focus was not just on female athletes, they reached out to women with various and diverse backgrounds. All of the influencers have strong social media presences and range from female athletes, models, DJ’s, authors, and personal trainers. With this strategy they are trying to broaden their reach to a larger customer base and reach consumers that are Lulu Lemon , Athletica, and Under Armour customers.

Through the campaign they aim to increase awareness, increase share of the women’s market, and increase sales. By partnering with social influencers they will be able to reach more customers and foster and engaging environment.

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