All in the Comfort of Your Own Bed

By: Jasmine Meredith

A Twitter meme of Tameka “Tiny” Harris in bed on her phone.

With social media being accessible to basically any and everyone it’s hard to miss out on stuff. When I say “stuff” I’m referring to what people are posting. What they’re doing, where they’re at but more importantly what’s going on around them… and through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc., people all around the world can watch these moments. It’s almost as if you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to experience the front row of a Beyoncé concert, the bar scene at SXSW or the shameless acts in South Padre.

All throughout Spring Break I’ve been seeing videos of so many things that are going on. The things that definitely wouldn’t be covered by any media unless it had something to do with celebs. But even then, that coverage wouldn’t be as “exclusive”. Social media allows us to actually see that. And having that behind the scenes look and continuous coverage of events is an amazing thing.




Although it’s usually the people who are in attendance posting videos and pictures, it’s also the orgs/companies/brands doing it too. A prime example would be the South Padre Twitter page, constantly posting updates and also retweeting people posting their own content.

Showing people what you’re doing isn’t just exclusive to Twitter… different outlets kind of have different expectations when it comes to the frequency of those updates. Snapchat you can post all day and it not be an issue, Instagram you get a good amount of freedom too. And now, even Facebook made an upgrade in the department of staying current and relevant with what people are doing more frequently. They do stories too.

Thanks to social media and the constant posts from people you don’t have to go far to at all to be in the loop and see videos and pictures of events going on. You can really enjoy spring break in the comfort of your own bed.

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