How March Madness and social media creates ‘Social Madness’

by Robert Jones Jr | @rjmajorjr


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As the college fandom grows and countless brackets are being busted, March Madness is in full swing. Everyone is making predictions on who will upset who, and who will be the last team standing when all is said and done. It’s an event that seems to take over social media’s trending topics for the month of March, and it seems like everyone joins in on the fun. But while the big dance is underway, many will post countless videos of mind-boggling plays from that day. With the great finish of last years’s March Madness, this year should be no different.

Why has social media become so big in the tournament? There are so many games on television on numerous channels that it is hard to keep up with it all. However, fans can keep up with the madness on their devices and watch highlights from the games they feel are most important to them (or their bracket). Just one swipe and viewers are in the middle of the madness. This is following the trend of traditional media being less preferred over digital.

But viewers aren’t the only ones that benefit from this. Companies have a huge opportunity to create brand awareness and hopefully reach some new audiences. Creating content based on the tournament drives potential followers to their sites. This is a time when consumer involvement can spike due to contests that many companies put on. Incentivizing your consumer base will help gather more awareness.

While you are swiping or hanging out with friends looking at the latest game, notice how ubiquitous March Madness is. The videos, memes and posts that will come out this month all point to how insane this event for everyone. Good luck on those brackets, and let’s hope that the tournament won’t consume all of your free time.


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