A picture is not worth a thousand words

By: Carol Paiz

Have you ever heard that saying? a picture is worth a thousand words. But never that it’s not worth a thousand conversions, yeah didn’t think so. what if I told you pictures are not cutting it in the social media world. It is outdated to just post pictures as your content! Maybe not really, but they are not as effective as they were when we first started using them. Now how do you make your content stand out from all the other picture post? it needs to be more interactive!Social Media Logotype Background

Interactive social content is key to standing out in this sea of digital clutter and cultivating meaningful relationships.” (Hughes) Nowadays everyone is starting to post with pictures, so how do you make yours different? how can it stand out? by clicking here you can find 21 ideas on how to make it more interactive!

It can at least guarantee you more click-throughs than just having an image up. by making it interactive, you make it stand out. If not your social media marketing can get buried underneath a lot of junk from other sites posting the right content.

Basically, pictures are not cutting it anymore, be creative grab attention. Be more interactive not just by posting different things, but by engaging consumers in conversations so they can take interest in what you have to offer. Establish trust and friendliness even before they start looking at your product.

Thank you.

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