This text message:At 4:42 a.m., one of Toni’s close friends, Roxy Townsend, received that text, “Omg I just got pulled over again.” according to the article on NBC news was the last message sent out by Toni Anderson, before she would disappear. A vehicle was found that was belonging to Toni with a female body inside but not sure if it was Toni’s body. I read this article in the beginning of this week. Today I will se if any new articles have come up to confirm if the body of Toni was in that car.


The body was found and I just looked up to see if any news had been updated from the body found in the car and it was just one of the same articles I read earlier this week. This is the part that starts to make you think. “At 4:42 a.m., one of Toni’s close friends received a text from Toni reading, “Omg I just got pulled over again.” It’s unclear if that text was sent in reference to the North Kansas City officer’s stop or if Toni had been pulled over again after that. Officials have no record of any other officer pulling Toni over that night“. Did the cop have anything to do with this missing person. and would they leave this comment, as if to back up the law or cover something, we will have to wait and see, “There have been many reports of cars in Kansas City impersonating police with lights or sirens so now I’m not sure about what “again” means,” Roxy told Dateline.

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