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Twitter in all its glory, has a way of taking people by surprise. Around the beginning of March, March 9th. That is exactly what happened when #ATLOrgy began trending number 4 on Twitter. Many people on the site were shocked and couldn’t believe what they were seeing. This is a look into what we have found about the dubious hashtag.


The hashtag began to go viral in the afternoon of March 9th. The reason? Twenty seven year-old Cindy Green, a suspected resident of Atlanta Georgia created a webpage displaying details of an adult “slumber party” that was happening at an undisclosed location in Atlanta. Green also posted a video in support of her adult slumber party insisting it was for her twenty seventh birthday.


The small segment of twitter known as ‘black twitter’ erupted in chaos and started the hashtag #ATLOrgy. Along with plenty of Magic Johnson meme’s and false statistics about Atlanta Georgia being the HIV/AIDS capitol of the world. People shared their discontent with the event in the best way they knew how, spreading the message through twitter.


The event was originally scheduled to happen on March 18th. Or that’s what many people though exactly. It turns out according to the completely unreliable source of Twitter only twenty-seven individuals showed up to this adult slumber party. None of the participants were female and according to twitter sources close to Ms. Green she made nearly $4,000 charging each person who attended about $150.


The incident is rapidly developing over the small subsection of twitter known as black twitter. Sources say Ms. Green did this event as a social experiment, making herself plenty of money and receiving credit for a thesis paper she was writing in grad school. Although this has yet to be confirmed, many people are watching to see what happens in the coming week.




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