Dancing the Night Away

Spring Break is coming to an end and the next big event for high schoolers is their “big” night called Prom! Everyone knows about it and it’s the Senior’s last event to be apart of before Graduation. The guys are coming up with clever ways to ask the girls to promo and the all the girls are freaking out about what they are going to wear for their big night.

Prom does not come cheap as we all know. From the pre-prom activities, limo, pictures, dinner, and post prom activities it can all get expensive once you start adding everything up. As a girl, I know for a fact our prom dresses do not come by cheap and the worst part of it is that we are probably never going to wear that dress again. At least for the guys they can reuse their suits and NO ONE would notice it. But as a girl, we know it is code not basically never wear it again after prom. So usually girls resell their prom dress or donate it.


Just earlier this month El Dorado’s Kansas Association for Youth Club (KAY), sponsored by Heather Fangmann, hosted a successful Butler County Dress Day for El Dorado High School. High school girls across the county in Kansas went to the event to get a free prom dress. “Nearly 50 girls scoured through a large collection of dresses that have been collected through donations, yard sales and other means,” got the opportunity to try on different dresses and take one home for free. Another high school, McPherson High KAY looked to match students with the perfect dress for their prom night. A lot of students cannot afford the dresses so it is night to see KAY club member get together and collect dresses for these students. Everyone should have the opportunity to attend promo and that is what they are providing for these students.

So, ladies, make sure to donate your unused prom dresses! Someone else will take it out for another spin on the dance floor.




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