Does Social Media Help or Hurt Major News Outlets.

By Kwanzey Hemphill

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For the longest many have debated whether major news outlets are being held accountable for things that are sprayed out publicly by social media content. The days where one would actually pay $0.50 a day to read the newspaper and find out information on their own are now coming to An end. It’s very difficult especially when you’re watching something on the news from a news outlet such is fox or NBC.But then you see something completely different on Facebook or Twitter and you have a hard time figuring out what to believe simply because all things on Twitter and Facebook are not last and sometimes they are good sources and ways to find information that is true.

But how do we find the equal balance of facts and not just alternative facts we have to dig deep and do our own research.  This may be a bad thing for major news outlets because so many people are on social media nowadays especially on mobile apps, it’s quick information and all you have to do is press a couple of buttons or maybe share a post. We don’t have to wait till 7am in the morning to watch the news instead you get it the night before. We don’t have to wait until 7:30 to watch highlights from a sporting event because a fan can literally go to that team’s app on their phone or go to a sports app on the phone and watch all the highlights and also listen to the podcast from different Radio host or sports reporters.

Although a lot seems bad for news outlets when being compared to social media. There are still certain things that news outlets hold over a regular social media account, such as credibility and trustworthiness. Outlets such as CBS and CNN have viewers and fans from all over the country and that are loyal to their preferred news outlet. Also, social media can help news outlets become more aware and can compete with people who are presenting the public with news. Many news outlets now days have a public relations agent or a social media coordinator controlling their social media accounts so that when breaking news do come out they won’t be far behind they can still compete with timing.




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