Fitness Gaining Social Media

By: Joslyn Mitchell

      As we all know social media is at its most high. It started out as just a casual thing and became one of the best strategies in gaining customers for a corporation. Combine that with the greatest New Year’s Resolution and you will create an enormous cash cow.

In the fitness world, health is everything. From counting calories to making sure you get a good exercise to sleep ratio, but over the past few years since social media has been growing an excessive amount of consumers, more and more people are beginning to get fit and toned as well. Trainers are beginning to use social handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest to show others their skills and what they have been doing to get on their level. “We have access to data, ideas, new exercises, and the latest workout trends with the click of a mouse.” Says Eric Stevens who is a Martial Arts coach and also the writer of, “Social Media and Fitness: The Good, the bad, and the ugly.” // (2nd Paragraph)

Image result for fitness memes      Now, in social media you are able to have access to the very thing that was stopping you from getting fit at the click of a button or even by command. Trainers and athletes are able to upload their daily workout on Facebook or social media and inspire others to do well and also give them an idea of what they would like to work out. You can even find the different muscles you use to and how to work them out on a particular Trainer’s page and not to mention you can even communicate with the person. Instead of having to meet up at the gym Facebook, Instagram and Periscope have now created a way for you to send the Trainer messages as they are working out and they will respond back to the client at the same time, while you and thousands of others are watching. This is also a great way for the Trainer themselves to get a reputation and become seen in front of everyone. Social Media has created a bridge between supply and demand so easily, it is given everyone a big shot at a healthy life.




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