How Social Media Advanced my Hustle


By Damian Jones

One day I was sitting on youtube and came across an interesting video from Gary vaynerchuk about an exciting challenge that will benefit my bank account. It was called the flip challenge and  from that moment I did research on how to be a more effective seller on eBay. I once tried it myself  but could never sell anything, people would always shoot me terrible offers and I just though how do people do it? So upon further examination of pictures, descriptions and an effective title I decided to post on Instagram and tag my photos so many people see my listing and click over to eBay.

In order for me to make a solid attempt at completing the flip challenge I need to understand how to market what I am selling and my target audience on social media in order to attract people that would be more willing to buy the item rather than just anybody. The goal of the challenge is to sell old belonging or resell cheap items and try to reach $20,170 by the end of 2017. Many people depend on jobs to maintain a living but with the prices on things rising and the resources to make livable money through a job dwindling it’s up to us to put in the work and make the change and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Instagram got me my first 4 sales on ebay and about 2 weeks later I’ve reached just about $700 so far into the challenge. I will try and keep this rolling all the way to the end and chart my progress and what works. This is such an exciting venture that challenges me to stay busy and hustling. The Odyssey Online had a very funny quote in an article posted about the flip challenge that quotes a Migos song called Bad & Boujee “We ain’t really never had no old money. We got a whole lot of new money though”. I certainly plan on making a lot of new money fresh from graduating and learning more about utilizing social media to improve sales and freelance my analytics.

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