How Social Media has Influenced Traveling Around the Globe

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By: Morgan McAnally

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Have you ever came across a Facebook video of the most gorgeous beach you have ever seen in your life, or casually scrolled through pins on Pinterest of “How to Travel to Greece for Cheap”? With the influence social media has today on all industries and consumers I’m sure you all have. Social networks serve as a place for inspiration to travel destinations, reviews of best hotels to stay at, or provide you the best deals through 3rd party apps. Traveling has become so much more personal and efficient when it comes to planning through social networks.

It’s easy to see how social media has influenced change through multiple industries and travel isn’t one to be left behind. Social networks have become vital tools in trip planning and here is how:

People want to see reviews. Negative or positive, they want to know where to stay away, and where to stay for weeks when it comes to their top travel destinations. Reviews are a top priority many people are looking for, but they are also looking at photos and apps where they can connect with family and friends to get their personal opinions from their experiences. With apps like Yelp and Trip Advisor visitors can see direct photos and reviews of top places to go when planning their trip.

When it comes to conversion of inspirational plans to actual itinerary plans, Pinterest has taken the cake in that department. Gone are the days of numerous wedding boards, here come travel boards filled with the top destinations to travel globally. According to Afar, the number one summer destination pin on Pinterest in 2016 was the pink sand beaches of the Bahamas.

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Social media has allowed us to be more connected, more inspired and constantly sharing experiences with others. Years ago there were just guide books to go off of, but today we have the whole world in the palm of our hands. Social networks will continue to influence industries that are customer service based and will evolve exponentially in the travel industry alone. So where will your next destination be?


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