Obsessed or Addicted?


By: Macey Thompson

There are two types of behaviors of being addicted to social media.

One: The increasing need to be on social media.

Two: Getting a bad feeling towards yourself for not being able to browse on social media as much as you usually do.

I know you can get addicted to alcohol, drugs or having a fetish; but realizing that being addicted to social media is a health issue in our society today is mind blowing. At least two hours are spent on social media daily with teenagers. Honestly, I am surprised that the hourly time spent on social media is not greater than two hours. In our society today we are presented with thousands of ways to be addicted to social media.

I remember in middle school, all I had was Myspace….

Now, teenagers are addicted to, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram and Pinterest. The daily routine of teens today are, wake up, roll over and check their phone. Some teens believe that if they spend at least 30 minutes on social media in the morning it “wakes them up”. Which I believe is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of before. Most of the health issues associated with mental issues are, depression, anxiety and attempted suicide.

It could be that teens are addicted to social media, so they meet the help they need if they  already have mental health issues. Maybe they seek the way out of their depression is to be focused on their phone and seek out help from social media. Which makes sense.

I believe we cant handle the situation of being addicted to social media, I believe that we can simply help our society who have mental health issues, is to be positive on social media and influence others to find help if needed.





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