Social Media is Fake News!

By: Chelsi Wade


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We can all agree that social media played big role in the 2016 election. In an article titled, How Social Media Is Reshaping News, about 30% of U.S. adults use Facebook to get news, with YouTube and Twitter close behind. Unfortunately, we can’t always trust every news outlet on social media. Another article brought up a good question, Did social media ruin election 2016? I’m sure we all remember Trump’s horrendous tweets. And let’s not forget the fake news! Social media went crazy over that very ‘unique’ election year and I think a lot news outlets took advantage of that. During the election ear last year, it was very hard to differentiate what was true and what wasn’t on social media. Major news outlets would spin stories to fit a certain agenda or to make a candidate look bad. However, social media platforms, especially Twitter, give everyone a voice and allow a political conversation to happen (Did Social Media Ruin Election 2016?). Although not all people are civil, I believe that allowing people to have a conversation, no matter their political affiliation, can be a good thing. However, according to a recent survey, Facebook and Twitter users are more likely to share opinions in person rather than on social media (How Social Media Is Reshaping News). To me that makes sense because what is said on social media is permanent and people don’t want to be vilified on social media. What do you think? Are news articles presented on social media trustworthy? Which platform has the most trustworthy news sources?



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